Marathon Heart Day 2

Today's work started around 8am and ended around 10pm with a couple hours off for eating, stretching and so on.

First I added the muscle cramps challenge.  It basically spawns a bunch of dots that you have to click before they become cramps.  Then I added the lungs challenge.  This was a little more challenging but I figured it out.  I spent a couple more hours adding in an intro and ending.  

Then it was about noon and I was done with all the gameplay features.  Huzzah!  I deliberately chose a simple project because I wanted to finish, and suddenly I was no longer pressured.  I still had sound, music, and tons of stuff to do, but in the worst case, the game was playable.

My playtesters offered mixed reviews.  One beat it the first time, and the other said it was too hard and arbitrary and confusing.  I know it's hard and arbitrary and confusing.  It's a game that's less than a day old.

In the afternoon I played around with sfxr in LMMS and made most of the sounds.  For the heartbeat I followed a tutorial on YouTube and for the breathing I breathed into my microphone and balanced it in Audacity.  The sounds worked out ok... some were better than others.  They really helped with timing in the heartbeat and breathing challenges.

In the evening I learned a new skill - screen recording. After trial and error I found that I like OBS Studio best.  I set up a new YouTube account, and figured out and set all the settings for capturing and uploading videos.

TODO: music, polish, maybe animations.

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