This game was made for Games Factory Jam 6.  The Themes were Inside/Outside, Clouds, Peace, and the Limitation was 'you cannot control the player.'  That might explain some of why this game is the way it is.  Also, the 60 hour development time.


"You were bragging on the internet again. Sometimes your big mouth gets the better of you. You told off some scrub who said you didn’t care about peace. You said you were going to run a 2:30 marathon for world peace. Then it happened. AnonymousPhilantropist called you out. They said if you run the marathon in two and a half hours, they will donate $1,000,000 to NoWarAnyMore. Now it’s on you. Can you back up your mouth?"


All you need is a mouse with a button.


The game gets harder every mile.

Pay attention to the gray cloud.

Feedback Welcome:

Please leave feedback.  Post your time if you finish.  The game still needs tweaks and balances.


Made with Unity, Inkscape, LMMS and Audacity

Design, Programming, Graphics, Sound and Music by Jamie Reed

Release date Jul 29, 2018
AuthorNaxarad Studio
Made withInkscape, LMMS, Unity, Audacity
TagsSide Scroller, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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I can't play your game because you haven't marked your executable as being available for any platforms.