Marathon Heart Day 3

Start time 8 AM.

3 hours of YouTube tutorials and messing around with LMMS and I have a song for the game.  It's only 10 seconds and it's terrible, but it's there and I can still say I created everything in the game.  I actually created a 30 second clip before I realized that it only needed to be 10 seconds.  Paring it down might have made it better.

I realized that to emphasize the inside/outside aspect of runner vs organs, I needed a zoom.  Adding it took about another hour and looks nice.  Also makes the zoom sound effects that I made yesterday work much better.

I spent half an hour making another 10 second song clip for the second half of the race.  I saved time by reusing instruments from the first clip and adding a new baseline beat.  Lunchtime!  10:30 to go.

About 6 hours later - I've been getting feedback from testers and putting in new features, quality of life improvements and squashing bugs.  Just about ready to hit the big publish button.

I decided to add animation after all because I am bad at it and need practice.  What I came up with looks funny in a janky robot-from-steampunk way.  Not really human, and I wouldn't be happy with it if I were taking this more seriously, but I like it.

And I published it 3 hours before the deadline.  I'm happy with how it turned out, and that I completed most of what I wanted to get done.

List of firsts:

First game uploaded to

First YouTube video upload

First time making music for my game

First time using Discord and joining a Discord server

First game completed in Unity


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I introduced a stealth bug into the game in the last moment and spent two hours finding it and fixing it.  The game should finish now.